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All microphones sound different, and you should make an effort to find one that suits the harmonic qualities of your voice.

There are many good-quality microphones designed for the human voice. Before you buy, try a few types to find out which one will best suit your voice and which is comfortable to hold.

Microphones with Leads 

The Shure SM58 microphone is widely known as the industry standard corded microphone and is used widely for live performance work in bands. I personally prefer this microphone, as it can take many bumps and drops. 

The SM58 is priced around $350. This microphone has a good clean and clear sound and is suitable for outdoor concerts as well as indoor performances. 

Electrovoice also makes a range of quality microphones. Leads cost around $30 and come in two different end fittings that can connect to an amp. Make sure you buy the right lead to fit your equipment; if you have purchased the wrong lead, adaptors are available from most music stores and some electrical suppliers such as Dick Smith or Tandy Electronics.

Cordless microphones 

Have become very popular and although a little more delicate and easier to misplace, they are invaluable for the performer who wishes to get into the audience area or include dance routines, my only word of caution here is that the user should be careful to carry plenty of spare batteries as they are required to power the signal from the microphone to the amplification system.

Body microphones 

Can be used in performances that include dance routines or musical theatre or for interviews; it is important not to brush over them with hands, clothes or hair during a performance or interview.