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How you present yourself in front of an audience is important. Below are a few helpful suggestions. You may also need to explore options with props and supplies for cabaret, theatre, or comedy songs if you are interested in that career field.

1. Sing a song that is popular or well-known but not over-used in competitions.

2. Never perform a song that you don’t know well; if you have to follow the words from the screen or sheet music you are not rehearsed enough to perform the song.

3. Don’t stand still; move and show some emotion, but be careful not to sign language the whole song.

4. Don’t over-sing the song.

5. If you wish to sing a new song you normally don’t sing, rehearse as much as possible and perform it before singing it at your major competition to test your abilities and determine the audiences’ reaction.

6. Pick a song that suits your voice; there’s no sense in performing an R&B song if you sound like an opera singer.

7. Get your friends to come to your performance and cheer when you’ve finished.

8. Remember, it is not necessary to sound like the original singer; it’s your vocal ability that is measured.

9. If you are entering a sound-alike competition you will need to work on exact pitch, phrasing, gestures and costuming to fulfill your performance requirements.

10. Your dress sense can be used to your advantage; dress to the character and venue needs.

11. If the song permits involve the audience throughout your performance and get feedback from them. Try to create an atmosphere.

12. Don’t you or your friends try to sweet-talk the judges; it is unethical and usually damages your chances of winning the competition.

13. Perform sober.

14. If performing a comical song, use props such as a wig or cane, and dance. Fooling around or miming can help to leave a lasting impression on both the audience and judges.