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Are the drugs you take affecting your voice? Unfortunately, some medications we take can have adverse effects on singing, mostly by drying out the throat. 

Information about each drug can be found on the Internet if unsuccessful with receiving a response from the manufacturer. Determine your drug group or product brand and locate information on its effects by the various drug brands or manufacturers or ask your family doctor.

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflets are available for all prescription medications. Among other things, CMI leaflets list the more common and the more serious side effects, as well as the medications benefits.

Patients should contact their doctor as soon as possible if they have any problems while taking any medication, even if they do not think the problems are connected with the medicine or are not listed in the CMI leaflet.

The Singing and Performance manual provides singing instruction, theory, CD for rehearsing singing exercises and detailed topics for singing and performance. This is a quality learning tool for any beginner or advanced singer.

Where else can I get information on pharmaceutical effects on the voice? has a publication “The Singing and Performance manual” which has a comprehensive pharmaceutical list in the back of the manual to assist singers understand what medications assist or hinder the singing voice, please contact to order your copy.