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Singing & Performance Manual & CD

Learn To Sing In the comfort of your Own Home & Time

The Singing and Performance manual provides singing instruction, theory, CD for rehearsing singing exercises and detailed topics for singing and performance. It is simple to follow with clear instructions and visual images as examples to assist the students understanding.

This is a quality learning tool for any beginner or advanced singer and for any age.

Cost of The Singing and Performance manual with CD of singing exercises is $65, which includes postage and GST

Please contact to order your copy or buy now using PayPal

Some of the educational topics covered are:

  • Vocal Preparation prior to singing
  • Vocal singing exercises
  • Home lesson chart
  • Breathing instructions with visual images
  • Posture instructions with visual images
  • Singing advice
  • Microphone Technique with visual images
  • Choosing the correct Microphone
  • Relaxation exercises with visual images
  • Theory
  • Oral Hygiene and throat soothing tips
  • Forward voice technique on diction and phrasing

  • Training the ear
  • Aural perception and what is it?
  • Singing in foreign languages
  • Musical Terms chart
  • Costuming and Make-up advice
  • Performing in public
  • Fronting the band
  • Recording session work
  • Competitions and Judging procedures
  • Preparation for TV or video production
  • Band equipment set-up and needs
  • Consonant correction and vowel pronunciation exercises
  • Singing when pregnant and voice changes
  • Pharmaceutical chart of what medications affect the voice