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Whilst there are many brands of karaoke backing tracks available, your purchase may lead to disappointment because of one or more of the

following problems:

  • It’s not the right version.
  • It doesn’t have the correct lyrics.
  • It doesn’t have the correct original key.
  • The timing is too fast or slow.
  • The guide vocals may be poorly sung.

Below are some suggested brands which feature consistent quality backings and great song choices.


Flashback Home Entertainment has a fantastic range of DVDs for the band singer. Many of the songs are done with a session band and footage of their performances and behind-the-scenes information is valuable to any musician, lead or backing singer. These discs are hard to find anymore and if you cannot locate this brand contact as we have some titles still in stock available for purchase.


Brands such as Original Footage are fabulous, any disc from this collection will be a pleasure to use – you can’t beat using original artists for guide vocals, and this product provides that with original film clips. It’s great for mimicking the artist, both vocally and visually.

United Karaoke produces a large range of quality VCDs with excellent audio, visuals and correct lyrics.


Sound Choice is far and away the best product on the market with its extensive range of songs and superior sound quality.

Sunfly has an extensive range of songs and has mostly excellent sound quality.

Free karaoke backing videos using Youtube

Youtube over the years has provided many backing karaoke versions free of charge, just go to: in the search bar add the name of the song you wish to locate, the artist who performs it and then place the words “karaoke version”.

This will provide a list of various available karaoke videos to practice with. Check the version to ensure the words are correct and the backing track is suitable for you. The videos are usually in the original key.

If you find the song you wish to practice either too high or low then add into your search “lower version” if you want it in a lower key or “higher version” if you wish it to be higher for you. It may be possible to find a version in a key you prefer. Not all songs will have this option.