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Posture is a foundation on which other techniques stand; correct posture is essential whether you’re singing or speaking. It allows you to breathe comfortably and correctly.

Being aware of your posture, and counteracting bad posture is something to be aware of throughout your vocal work.

Importance of Good Posture

Control of your voice does not require a military stance, but nor should you be slumped forward with your shoulders rolled. Benefits of good posture include:

Better control of tone, pitch and projection

Reduced risk of vocal damage

A more professional image

Maximum chest expansion for incoming breath

For a Good Stance

Place your feet slightly apart

Bend your knees slightly (just out of lock)

Place the weight of your body evenly on both feet (don’t favour one leg when singing)

Hold your head erect: your chin should be at 90° to your neck, which allows the vocal cords maximum flexibility

Keep your spine straight and centred for balance but not stiff: the best way to achieve this is to roll your shoulders up to your ears and then drop them evenly; your back should feel well supported and comfortable and your ribs slightly raised.

Consequences of poor posture

Consequences of poor posture can include:

Sore chest, neck or back

Lack of stamina

Loss of vocal range

Sore throat from straining