Karaoke Backing Tracks - Purchasing Tips

Whilst there are many brands of karaoke backing tracks available, your purchase may lead to disappointment because of one or more of the following problems:

  • It's not the right version.
  • It doesn't have the correct lyrics.
  • It doesn't have the correct original key.
  • The timing is too fast or slow.
  • The guide vocals may be poorly sung.

Below are some suggested brands which feature consistent quality backings and great song choices.


  • Flashback Home Entertainment has a fantastic range of DVDs for the band singer. Many of the songs are done with a session band and footage of their performances and behind-the-scenes information is valuable to any muso, lead or backing singer.
  • Karaoke Rock in the UK (and any others in this series). High quality recordings and latest song choices. Great for band work singers.


  • Original Footage Use any disc from this collection - you can't beat using original artists for guide vocals, and this product provides that with original film clips. It's great for mimicking the artist, both vocally and visually.
  • United Karaoke produces a large range of quality VCDs with excellent audio, visuals and correct lyrics.
    • CDGs:

      • Sound Choice is far and away the best product on the market with its extensive range of songs and superior sound quality.
      • Sunfly has an extensive range of songs and has mostly excellent sound quality.