Professional Make-Up Tips 3: Body, Cheeks and Lips


  • Bronzing Powder for Enhancing Your Cleavage Apply bronzing powder using a large brush to the centre of your cleavage to enhance and create a bustier look.


  • Pro Blush Look Locate the correct area to apply colour by placing your brush on your lower cheek bone directly in line under the iris. Apply with a soft brush with a sweeping motion straight back and not in an upward direction towards the ear. Use a colour slightly darker than your natural skin tone for a natural result.


  • Outline Use a lip liner along your natural lip line. For a longer lasting wear colour them in with your lip liner. If you have thin or small lips, extend your lip line above and outside the natural one. Use a soft shade of liner. To get more effect, use your lipstick to add a bright or dark effect. Blend the lip liner and the lipstick with a lip brush.
  • Keep Red Lipstick from Bleeding To keep red lipstick from bleeding, purchase products such as 'Lipstay'. Alternatively, cover your entire lip with a lip liner first, then apply a matte lipstick (it contains less moisture). Blot your lipstick with a tissue, and if necessary reapply more lipstick.
  • Keep Lipstick On Apply lip liner to the outline and colour your lips in. Follow by using either a gloss or lipstick. When wearing red lipstick, colour your whole lip with a brown lip liner first, which will help the red pigment last longer.
  • Thin or Tiny? If you have small, thin or tiny lips, dab a high shine lip gloss (such as Mac Lip Glass) in the middle of your lip; this will make your lips seem fuller.