Breathing Life Into Songs

Songs are divided into sections such as verses, choruses, rises, ad-libs and bridges. Each has a necessary job in the song to change the feel and tie the emotion of the words together with the story of the lyrics; how we express these words is vital to the performance's believability.

  • Your interpretation of a song will improve once your technique is developed. Persevere with technique practice.
  • Gently warm up your vocals with light practice before every performance.

Using these techniques is relatively simple, but it's essential to concentrate - and that's true whenever you're singing. A general rule with most songs is to begin softly and build in volume by the chorus or sometimes further.

A simple way to polish your performance is to reserve more than half your natural volume and energy at the beginning of a song; when dynamic and powerful parts of the song approach, begin to increase your volume using support (not force) to the desired volume range. Your voice will appear 'bigger' to the audience than expected and they will respond accordingly.